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Tips for Building an Ideal Website

What's an Ideal Website?

Gazing upon the average website, one gets the feeling of having stepped into a shoebox of newspaper clippings. Tucked between revolving banners, graphic thumbnails with oversized captions and boxed paragraphs, the home-page teems with clutter.

Ask any recent visitor to such a website to recount what was on the home-page and they'll only mention a few of the highlights. Since most surfers are impatient, odds are that they will only glance at your home-page to determine if they want to "stay awhile." Therefore, the home-page needs to present your message clearly - that translates to an uncluttered page.

Once the visitor has seen your message, layout and graphics - which must be planned to download quickly - must be pleasing. All this effort will be useless if the navigation is complicated as not everyone has the computer-mental-dexterity to explore using advanced, flashy and often cryptic page-finding schemes. Make it simple to explore your website and your guests will tank you for it.

Graphics are important since they are the first element on a page to be seen. Regardless whether you take the pictures, create the needed graphics, purchase them from a royalty-free source or retain a professional photographer or graphic designer - be sure that they are attractive and tell your story.

I rendered a few sample websites to illustrate the above tips. At the time they were created, the dot-com's did not exist, therefore they are fictitious. If one now exists, it is merely coincidental.

Travel & More
Inca Walls
Rather than a list of vacations, why not a page for each location? That way, the feeling that this is a special location is emphasized. The traveler sees a slide show that they feel will be the same pictures they are about to take. Samaipata, Bolivia, is remote and teeming with history - not tourists. The perfect get away!
... your link to Travel & More
Tampa Bay Chili Company
Cili Pepper
A picture tells it all. Any guest will definitely hesitate when they land on this company's home-page. The product is hot and that is exactly what guests will feel.
... your link to Tampa Bay Chili Company
Feline Photography
Cat's Eye
Cat lovers love cat pictures, therefore, a picture of a not-so-perfect cat does a great job of alerting the visitor that this is a "cat" website.
... your link to Feline Photography
Tower Clocks
Tower Clocks
Again, the picture and company title tell the surfer that they are serious about working on clocks that are in lofty towers - a specialty that commands attention.
... your link to Tower Clocks
Scraping the Sky
Skyscrapers are designed by architects. If you are an architect, then you want to open your website with a bold and tall building.
... your link to Scraping the Sky

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