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Websites I have done.

Here are a few of the websites that I have designed. You may want to revisit them from time to time as I am always revising and redesigning my clients' websites to keep them fresh and cutting edge.

St Pete Shell Club
St Pete Shell Club
A club needs a website. The previous website was created using out-of-the-box software designed for non-programmers. It was time to upgrade to a professional website which could properly promote their annual shell show, entice new members and provide its members as well as the public with information about collecting shells. The cascading menu replaced a button-style menu, a warm look makes visitors want to spend time within the site and the events calendar became the center of activity.
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ACA Gem Lab
ACA Gem Lab
The ACA Gem Lab needed a website for discussing the scientific research of its owner concerning diamonds. I designed the website to be easy to navigate to the various articles of interest with a Flash clip designed to entice the reader to select a tempting article of interest. I rendered a masthead using a photograph from the client's collection of personal photographs and then designed the monogram style logo.
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North America Lapidary Laboratory
Gem Art Lab
This is a highly specialized area of expertise to promote. Again, clean and uncluttered pages were required. Articles of interest to both the public and the profession also were incorporated seamlessly. The design, logos and navigation I designed. Client provided photographs and text.
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The Emerald Mine
the Emerald Mine
Vacations to unusual locations are chic. A North Carolina mine where visitors can mine for gemstones needed a classic travel style website. This was an overhaul of a prior website that basically looked 60s. The graphics were provided by the owner as was the text. The website successfully conveys to the visitor that they will have a ball mining gems.
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