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About Me

Let's face it, those who can deliver code that appears to the average person like hieroglyphics used to program websites that assist visitors in navigating, using and enjoying web pages usually think of designing as changing the font color. Those who are artists and have the flare to design web pages often find the arduous task of coding websites impossible to cope with. Either a team consisting of a programmer and an artist is necessary or a rare individual who is both left and right brained. I am such a person.

I code using the basic formatting language HTML as well as the advanced DHTML. Sprinkle in some PHP that can be used to turn a static website into an interactive and dynamic site, add a data base (MySQL) and some Flash and you have a website not unlike a virtual pastry to the eye. Oh, I almost forgot, I also can code in Perl and control page layouts with CSS.

Although a well designed website is a plus, it also commands eye-catching photographs of products. Of course, the same attention to detail needs to be used for the decorative graphics used throughout a website. I honed my skills in taking digital photographs of what are considered the most difficult products to photograph - jewelry and gemstones. Mastering Photoshop, I was able to add those special effects, adjust colors and create high quality graphics.

Although I was trained and worked as a programmer, art was always my real passion. I took a detour into the jewelry designing arena. Though I have not abandoned the jewelry trade, I never gave up coding and the Internet provided a new and exciting challenge that I could not resist. Once a programmer, always a programmer they say and that is true with me. I soon found myself studying and mastering the latest website programs - a skill that has developed into a business.

Take a look around my website. Contact me for a quote. Let's do your website. I can provide a basic website or I can redo your entire corporate image with the help of my highly qualified associates.


Bill Hoefer

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